Do you speak Spanish?

You know that we are always trying to grow here at GMO. In fact, we hope to double our number of Online Missionaries this year from 5,500 to about 10,000. This means lots of work for Pat, the Applications Team Leader.

But believe it or not, English is not the main language we need more Online Missionaries in. It’s Spanish. To be specific, we are hoping to increase from our current 500 to 2300, this year.

This will not happen by adding ones and twos. We need breakthroughs. We need some on-fire Spanish-speaking believers to catch the vision, go to their constituencies (church, mission organization, whatever) and be a zealot for online missions. We need more full-time help than our current three-person Spanish department here in Orlando (praise the Lord, this is much better than two years ago when we had one, and it was me, and I don’t speak Spanish!).

So PRAY and ask the Lord of the Harvest to raise up laborers so that the half-million Spanish speakers we expect to e-mail us this year will get a prompt and accurate answer from a Spirit-filled believer. And if you know anyone who could be a mobilizer in the Spanish-speaking world, put us in touch with him or her.

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