Photos – GMO Office and House

We’ve been in Texas just over a week now. After spending most of last week getting moved in, we reported full-time to the office this week.

Here we are outside the GMO office in Plano, in an area with many office buildings (in sort of an extra downtown, 15 miles north of downtown Dallas). There is a bit of traffic, but it looks like most days the drive in will take about 20 minutes.



Inside the office, Dan works across from Pat and a couple of cubes down. He stands up most of the day and can see the back of Pat’s head! Our desks are adjustable, so Dan can lower his desk and sit for a while if he gets tired of standing. About 20 people work here at the GMO office, with a few more coming soon.



And here we are outside our house on Foxwood Lane. We are so glad the houses around here are brick and will not need painting! We’ll take some inside photos soon, after we finish unpacking and get rid of all the boxes.



Pray with us that we can make an impact on our neighborhood. We’ve already met both sets of next-door neighbors and a family across the street. So far everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

We appreciate you so much! Thank you for your friendship and prayers as we continue this transition.

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3 Responses to Photos – GMO Office and House

  1. Deb Fielden says:

    Thanks so much for sharing pictures. It’s so great to see you and know that you are making adjustments to a “brave new world”. We love you guys!

  2. Phil Opperman says:

    Thanks Dan & Pat. It’s all beautiful! I’m so grateful for you! Phlop

  3. Sarah says:

    How exciting! Love how Dan can look at Pat each day while working 🙂 and your new house is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing inside pics!

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