We Have Found a Church!

After living in TX for 4 months, we finally chose a church! I (Dan) had been hoping to find one closer to our neighborhood (to make it easier to invite neighbors). But this one, Providence Church, is 15 minutes away, which is not too bad. The pastor is an Iranian guy who became a Christian at a young age out of a Muslim background. The preaching is really good, the worship is good, and they have plenty of small groups near our house.

So we will look for a group to join and start building those personal relationships that are so important, and also see where and how the Lord would have us serve. Of course, our niche has most recently been worship team (Dan playing instruments, Pat running video from the back), but we are both open to whatever opportunities arise.

Thanks to those who prayed that we would find a church. We’re very happy that we’ll be settling down after visiting 8 or 9 different churches.

In other “getting settled” news, we installed kind of a fun “coat rack” on our wall. Hopefully our guests will feel even more welcome when they visit. Maybe YOU will be one of them!

Welcome Coat Hooks

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1 Response to We Have Found a Church!

  1. Duane says:

    Hi Dan,
    We miss you guys!

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