Re-post: The Holy Spirit Filter

Re-posting this from a couple of years ago because it is an actual blog entry, as opposed to my “just news” posts. Enjoy!


I grew up in a family of intelligent, witty people. With them and my neighborhood friends, I became proficient at the jab, the tease, and the put-down (subtle or otherwise).

My college roommates (all Christians) and I used to sit at the dinner table and trade barbs and witticisms. We didn’t say REALLY bad things, and we did not mean to hurt each other. It was all in fun.

But it eventually struck me that we were literally training ourselves to speak evil. So my roomies and I decided together to start “taming our tongues” (James 3).

About this time, I noticed something interesting. Every so often, an insult or other negative words would come out of my mouth, but the person didn’t hear it, and asked me to repeat.

In that brief moment, I realized that I shouldn’t have said it anyway. I figured that God mercifully caused the person not to hear it, like a filter in the air between my mouth and his ears. So I would say, “Never mind — Holy Spirit Filter.” My friends soon came to know what that meant.

As time went on, I would start to say something negative, then stop. It was as if the Holy Spirit Filter had moved, from the air between my mouth and someone’s ears, to inside my mouth! I would still say, “Holy Spirit Filter.”

More time passed, and that filter kept moving, right into my brain. I still slip on occasion, but most of the time those insults and jabs don’t even enter my mind. I rarely utter the words “Holy Spirit Filter” any more, and by His grace I am known as an encourager and someone who uses words to heal, not harm. All glory to God!

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