Hail and Hawaii

We had a wonderful time on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Special thanks to Sherry and Dale for providing the great accommodations, up on the hill overlooking Honolulu.

The night before we were to leave, there was a HUGE hailstorm, with quail-egg sized hailstones:















The next morning, we looked out our front door and saw our front yard and street littered with flowers from our tree. We had to stop and clean it all up. Thank goodness for my gas blower:


We just found out that the storm wrecked our roof, and we’ll be out the couple thousand deductible for replacement. Ugh.

Actually, the Hawaii pictures are not posted here, but this link to them on Google Drive:


There are a modest 17 photos, 6 of which are from Lisa and Ryan’s wedding. I couldn’t figure out how to caption the photos, so I made the titles somewhat descriptive.

If you sort them by Title, they will appear in correct chronological order. Enjoy!

Dan and Pat

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1 Response to Hail and Hawaii

  1. Carol says:

    great photos….so glad you had a good time.

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