Fun Facts

Pat’s maiden name was Pat Lee. Her married name is Patricia Ann Lee.  We were dubbed “The Lee-Lees” by some friends shortly after our marriage.

Pat came by the name “Lee” honestly. Dan’s paternal grandfather was named Wong, and posed as someone else to circumvent immigration restrictions and gain entry to the U.S. Most of the Lees we grew up with had a similar story.

Pat’s Uncle Winston knew Dan’s dad growing up in San Francisco.

Dan studied Anthropology at UC Berkeley (the same major Billy Graham had at Wheaton College). Dan made use of his degree by joining Campus Crusade for Christ staff upon graduation.

Pat studied Medical Microbiology at Cal State Long Beach. She made use of her degree by getting a job in finance at Hughes Aircraft upon graduation.

Dan recruited Pat to Campus Crusade staff by marrying her. By summer 2011 they will have served a combined 56 years with CCC.

2 Responses to Fun Facts

  1. Duane Stous says:

    I sure enjoyed learning more about you and Pat. It’s a privilege to work with you reaching and teaching contacts from GMO. By the way I’m 84 not 82 as if that makes any difference.

    The two people, Dean Goddard and Mary Garland that you were able to recruit the night you were at the NTM Homes are thrilled with the email ministry.

    • danpatlee says:

      Thanks Duane for the encouragement, and sorry that I gypped you out of a couple of years!

      It’s a joy to have you on the GMO team – hope you didn’t mind showing up on my newsletter without any warning!

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